This Week in Park City | November 27, 2023

2034 Winter Olympics: A Catalyst for Park City Real Estate Growth

In our latest update, we delve into the exciting news of Salt Lake City being named the preferred host for the 2034 Winter Olympics. We discuss the anticipated positive impacts on Park City real estate, drawing comparisons with the growth seen from the 2002 Winter Olympics. The emphasis is on how such events transcend sports, contributing to community development and real estate value enhancement. You can read more here:  Riding the Olympic Wave: How the 2034 Winter Games in Salt Lake City/Park City Will Transform Local Property Values

Park City's Culinary Scene Shines at James Beard Foundation

Events Shifting focus to culinary achievements, we share news about Park City Restaurant Association's (PCARA) announcement regarding local chefs' participation in the James Beard Foundation events. This reflects Park City's commitment to culinary excellence and community enrichment.

Weekly Real Estate Statistics for Park City

Our regular update includes the latest trends in the Park City real estate market, noting a temporary slowdown in closings but steady pending sales and a decrease in inventory. We invite readers to contact us for more detailed information.


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