Riding the Olympic Wave: How the 2034 Winter Games in Salt Lake City/Park City Will Transform Local Property Values

The Olympic Games are not just a sporting spectacle but also a significant catalyst for economic and infrastructural changes in the host cities. The article "Effects of the Olympic Announcement and the Actual Event on Property Values: The Case of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games" sheds light on the substantial impact hosting the Olympics can have on property values. This insight is particularly relevant for Salt Lake City/Park City, Utah, as we gear up for the 2034 Winter Olympics.

2034 Olympic Games in Park City Utah?

Key Findings:

  1. Olympic Announcement Impact: The study found that the announcement of the Olympics resulted in a significant increase in property values in the host region. In the case of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, property values in the host city of Gangneung increased by 5.5% compared to similar properties in other regions. This was particularly evident in downtown areas and near Olympic facilities like train stations and arenas.

  2. Impact During the Actual Event: The actual hosting of the Olympic Games also positively impacted property values. In Gangneung, property values saw an additional increase of 8.3% following the opening of a new Korea Train Express (KTX) station. However, the Olympic event period itself and the opening of the Athletes’ Village didn't generate additional effects on property values.

  3. Location-Specific Impacts: The increase in property values was more pronounced in areas close to Olympic-related facilities. Proximity to infrastructure improvements, such as new transportation links, played a significant role in these value increases.

  4. Long-Term Benefits: While the study focuses on short-term impacts, it suggests potential long-term benefits in terms of increased infrastructure, improved transportation, and enhanced city image, which can contribute to sustained property value increases.

Implications for Salt Lake City/Park City, Utah:

  • Anticipated Property Value Increase: Similar to the PyeongChang case, the announcement and actual hosting of the 2034 Winter Games are likely to increase property values in Salt Lake City/Park City.
  • Infrastructure Development: Significant infrastructure improvements, especially in transportation, can be expected, leading to a more pronounced increase in property values in the affected areas.
  • Diverse Impact: The impact on property values will vary based on proximity to Olympic venues and infrastructure projects.
  • Potential Long-term Gains: Beyond the immediate increase in property values, the region might experience long-term economic and infrastructural benefits, enhancing the overall appeal and value of properties.

Conclusion: For realtors and property owners in Salt Lake City/Park City, the 2034 Winter Olympics present a unique opportunity. The anticipated rise in property values, especially in areas close to event venues and infrastructure improvements, offers a potential for significant investment returns. However, it is crucial to consider the varied impacts across different locations and the long-term economic implications of hosting such a major event.

For those curious about the real estate opportunities in the Park City/SLC area, particularly in relation to the upcoming Olympic venues, we invite you to contact us for more information. Having experienced the 2002 games firsthand, our team is thrilled about the prospect of once again showcasing the extraordinary qualities of our local community to the world.

Olympic Park in Park City
Jeff and Liv Keye experiencing the legacy of the 2002 Olympic Games

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