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November 13, 2023

Welcome to "This Week in Park City," your quick 2-minute update on local real estate and exciting events in Park City, Utah. In this episode, we highlight a potential game-changer for the Park City real estate scene, share Thanksgiving celebration ideas, and introduce you to the luxurious Grand Hyatt Deer Valley. Let's dive right in!

New Canyons Village Garage: Changing the Game?

Are you a homebuyer or seller in Park City? Keep an eye on the new Canyons Village Garage! It could reshape parking in town. LEARN MORE about this exciting development and how it may affect real estate.

Thanksgiving in Park City: Your Options

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Park City offers a feast of options. Check out some quick tips for dining and activity ideas to make your holiday special visit the blog HERE. 

Grand Hyatt Deer Valley: A Luxurious Retreat

Experience Park City luxury at the Grand Hyatt Deer Valley, newly branded hotel was announced at the Mayflower Mountain Resort. Discover more HERE

For more details on these topics, explore the provided links. Stay tuned for more updates from "This Week in Park City." 

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